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Sep 13, 2015

Now that my subscription has run out, I am curious to see what the latest addition is before I re-subscribe. Could admin make the Changelog thread visible to public or is it too much security risk?

New changelogs:

The Last Hit hack now takes into account the damage from the following spells:
  • Riki's Backstab
  • Ursa's Fury Swipes
  • Kunkka's Tidebringer
  • Viper's Nethertoxin
  • Weaver's Geminate Attack
  • Bounty Hunter's Jinada
  • Bloodseeker's Bloodrage (only if he cast it on himself)
And... something people have been waiting for:
  • Added Pudge Hook (under Key Bindings)
Pudge Hook:
  • Automatically casts Meat Hook at the nearest enemy to your mouse
  • Uses prediction to determine where to cast Meat Hook
  • Will cancel itself if it thinks it cannot land the hook after it casted Meat Hook
  • Detects units in the way of your target
  • Works a lot better when latency is low
  • Default key is F
To properly use this feature, HOLD DOWN the key, do not just tap it. Holding down the key will allow it to cancel itself, and combo.

Currently, the Pudge Hook feature combos the following spells/items when holding the key down:
  • Rot
  • Urn of Shadows
  • Dismember
This feature is still in development, so expect improvements and more combo items in the future.

  • Fixed a disconnection crash
  • Possibly fixed Custom Range Effect not applying to swapped heroes
  • Improved the speed of the Pudge Hook combo
  • Auto Dagon will now combo with Ethereal Blade (and Reaper's Scythe, if you're Necrophos) if you have the mana to do it
  • Auto Reaper's Scythe and Auto Dagon will now explicitly ignore magic immune heroes
  • Reworked Pudge Hook so it will search for another hero to hook if the hero closest to your cursor is impossible to hook