State of hake

Aug 29, 2020
Hello, I've only ever used hake and the last time I used hake, I recall few essential scripts that I use being outdated, like some visuals like overwolf and wolfinfo etc. I want to know whether or not everything is up to date before continuing my subscription.
Also, If there is anyone that has used other cheats, like Divine etc, please write your opinion on it and how it fares compares to Hake. From what i've seen Divine users get easy ban due to its humanization and hero scripts and so on. I've used hero scripts(Skywrath, Arc Warden) although with limits and have never been banned with using Hake. Just wanted to try some other alternatives to Hake is all, I should have the right as a consumer to do so.
It just got updated, so this is the right time to continue subs. Skywrath and Arc Warden is always risky. You will get ban eventually if you keep using those script.