Stephanie bought is canceled the purchase?

Feb 1, 2016
Well first I want to say that on the day I went to buy when sent checkout gave payment error!

When I would look at PayPal's website to see if submitted did not show any historical purchase. And do not count on forum gave upgrade. I thought it might be a time error 3x tried and nothing. When I came across after a few minutes the 3 purchases had been made. I sent email to Stephanie asking to cancel 2 of 3 shopping and leave 1 only 30 days. For he would not open dispute on paypal and get their money by this method, I sent email and Stephanie did not respond. I waited two days and nothing open dispute in 2 of 3 shopping and only 1 is valid.

So I wonder pq took all my days and I paid one month ?????
You answer not email, private menssage nothing! Well I wonder if it will validate my 30 days in accordance with this purchase.

ID da transação

For this ID validates this and paid for it.

ID da transação
5D203188M8502443D (Refunded)

ID da transação
0C635078464593515 (Refunded)
It should be fine now. Let me know if there's any issues.