System requirements

Aug 3, 2017
Hi I've been a user of this wonderf program few years back, unfortunately i have sold my old PC for financial reason. And now i have bought a potato PC but still can run dota2. Could you please advise wath is the system requirements for this program. I would like to have a sub again.
I play on a 5 year old msi gs70stealth shitty 'gaming' laptop (trust me laptops are just laptops), with Nvidia 970m gpu and i7 shitty version.

I can run hake and play dota on the lowest setting and is still playabe, still able to win ancient 5 level games.

Edit: with only 8GB ram, still waiting on GPU stocks before i can complete my new PC 🤦‍♂️
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all you need is higher fps display like a FHD 144 hz display.
Only when you try it will you become addicted, if you dont try 120+hz you not miss it :D
My Notebook has 120Hz and i cant play on my main Computer anymore cause now it look like lag for me when play with 60hz :(

And to Topic, Hake runs on any potato :P once we had only 4 Computer here and wanted to play together with 5 Players we buy a cheap PC on Ebay for 20Euro and it was enough to play Dota together with hake that weekend :D