Dota 2 Thanks dev

Apr 15, 2018
I would like to show my admiration for this incredible project. a month ago I signed the hake just to see how it works. I did not think that regardless of how it worked, I would continue to pay for the program. Until then, I believed that Dota would lose fun, that it would not be worth paying the high (the dollar in my country is considerably high) value.
Well, it surprised me a lot. not only made the dota more fun, but also discovered that it is possible to play dota without stress. Now, hake means you do not have to worry about progressing as a player, you just go, play and have fun. made my experience with dota much more fun and light.
My experience with hake is incredible.

I'll list here some good points: great community, super helpful developers; quick repair when necessary; easy management program; safe; program that is clearly efective

bad points: few scripts;

Well, that's it. I am an extremely satisfied customer. Congratulations for you, guys.