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Feb 27, 2016
Okay here is my situation before i used

I dont think im a bad player, i got a good grasp of how the game mechanics work and the overall roles and what needs to be done at what point(<---altho if asked probably 99% of all players would say that about themselves.....*hidden pool crying*). Still i just got stuck at 4k mmr for a long time and just couldnt raise no matter what i did, i somehow hovered between 3.8k at times and 4.2k.

At some point i got annoyed and after playing wc3 dota and dota2 for about ~10 years now i figured before i stop playing altogether i might as well spent money on a hack, something i really never wanted to do, and just see what happens.

So i got and one thing i noticed immediately is how it helps me becoming a better player, and i dont mean using scripted features, which are all amazing and helpful, but just the zoom and enemy vision feature.

As i kept using it i started knowing where people will appear outta woods before warned me or what path they are taking. I could suddenly be at the right places for ganks or to avoid ganks, my overall map awareness got much better, obviously because of the increased vision and overview.

Of course I and everyone else, we will always lose games cause of leavers or feeding and that cannot be changed, but now i was winning those games which were a close match before, where i walked into ganks a lot or just missed crucial things that ended up game breaking.

I am now sitting at ~ 5.3k mmr and couldnt be happier. Every single penny spent on this hack is worth it's weight in gold, if u use it the right way.
That is not turning it on and expecting u to magically win games now, but to use the information it is giving you like vision by enemy, zoom range!!! spells in fog of war<---how many Roshan ganks and game wins i got through this i cannot even say :) to your advantage and YOUR TEAMS ADVANTAGE

If u see an ally of you is in enemy vision in the woods, dont think "oh hes gonna get ganked" tell him to back away and if u see arrows or tornados coming from far away thanks to your bigger Zoomrange, warn ur allies or ping on the path a lot till they see it too.

At the end of the day you can avoid all ganks and kill them all day long, if u team gets ganked a lot and you could have done something about it thanks to, and you didnt ...well then you deserve the lose.

At this point I wanna thank Stephanie and the Mods at for the amazing job they are doing with the hack and also getting back to people's questions and problems always so fast and nicely. You are amazing!!!

P.S. Sry it turned out to be such a long post and you had to read all that...if you did xD
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