Thinking of buying the hack

Mar 17, 2020
Hello :)

i'm considering buying the hack but i still have a few questions.

1- will i be able to see my enemies and know their positions (map hack) ?
2- what's camera hack and is it safe again to use because i read here that people got banned a few months ago because of it?
3- what other features i can't use other than camera/zoom hack?
4- is it just install and play? or do i need to set up other things like aim bot settings in csgo?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hola :)

Estoy considerando comprar el truco, pero todavía tengo algunas preguntas.

1- ¿podré ver a mis enemigos y conocer sus posiciones (hack de mapas)?
2- ¿Qué es el pirateo de la cámara y es seguro volver a usarlo porque leí aquí que a la gente se le prohibió hace unos meses por eso?
3- ¿Qué otras características no puedo usar aparte de la cámara / zoom hack?
4- ¿es solo instalar y jugar? ¿o necesito configurar otras cosas como la configuración del bot objetivo en csgo?

Gracias por adelantado :)

¡¡¡Puedes probarlo tu mismo hay una opción en la cual puedes probar comprando un día !!! suerte y si tienes visión básica de jungla no es un mh así tal cual !!
1. Kind of not whole real maphack but i would call it "maphack" lite ( you see them farming and using spells in the dark )

2. With Humanizer its safe atm, i have no ban for a few months now. But Zoomhack was always a little problem and all tools had some bans from time to time with zoomhack. So i just say for NOW its safe. I use it.

3. Humanizer keeps your account safe but some scripts are a little slower or not fully work, like snatcher ( pick up rune ) will allways loose vs a snatcher without a humanizer.
Also things like auto disable will get a you a ban from user reports very soon, so you CAN use it but you will regret it.

4.There is a pre config build most settings are done everything is turned on :
You can start from there and build your own personal config. Im so used to my settings i would need a few Hours to set everything up like i want. Also its alot better if you know whats happening. :D

What you can say is : Hake is at the Moment the safest option you can have, if you use humanizer :)

I used 4 other Dota Hacks and got banned with all of them around new year! Just hake no Ban.All other tools was Ban in less then a week !
( and ofc i used fresh accounts with clean Pc/Steam and just used 1 tool for 1 account )