To clean up the DOTA2 environment, we are in action: perfect world to assist the police in capturing plug-in gangs


May 5, 2017
You know what? Hack was caught selling in mainland China. It is not known whether the use is risky.

Here is the official transcript. I only translated

In the world of DOTA2, we marvel at great moves, but it's against the competitive spirit of DOTA2 when some moves occur because of script plugins. And we have never tolerated such behavior. Recently, perfect world joined forces with the police to break up a ring that sold DOTA2 plug-ins. Four men were arrested for making software for the game "DOTA2" plug-in.

Game plugins have seriously affected the game experience of players, is the majority of players hate, have boycotted the content, is also the perfect world always resolutely strike the object. For a period of time, we have received reports from enthusiastic players, and two games were promoted through various channels. Although most of the players resisted, there were still some players who could not resist the temptation, which also affected the game of some players. After receiving reports from players, perfect world took it seriously and launched an investigation.

The investigation process is not plain sailing. Both the verification mode used by the two plugins and the seller's caution make it difficult to collect and organize evidence. It is more important to pay attention not to startle, let the early efforts wasted. After going through some twists and turns, we finally collected the source code of these two plugins, and mastered their website and other information. After collecting the add-on software, we also communicated with Valve for the first time, adding the two software into Valve anti-cheat (System) (VAC), the users of the two software will be marked, and according to the circumstances of the irregular ban.

The plug-in will not only destroy players' game experience, but also destroy computer information system, endanger Internet information security, and even affect players' property security. Dealing with the plug-in in the game is only the first step of the whole process. After sorting out the whole plug-in, perfect world immediately reported to the public information network security inspection brigade of nanan public security bureau, and gave the detailed feedback to the police. After receiving reports, attaches great importance to the police, through to the investigation, identified the suspect specific information, and have been supervised step arrests, on September 3, will be located in ningbo, yiwu and yuyao caught four suspects, and provide intrusion, on suspicion of illegally controlling computer information systems program, tools for arrest, specific to the case in the further investigation.

In the whole process, thanks to the police's high attention and prompt treatment, developers who profit from the development and sale of plugins will be severely punished by law. At the same time, also thanks to the vast number of players, players consciously resist the plug, let plug in no large-scale proliferation, but also the players provide a plug in the clues.

After that, we will still do our best to ensure the game experience of players, crack down on all kinds of cheating behaviors that affect the normal game, and welcome the feedback of the majority of players on all kinds of violations that harm the game, we will deal with. We hope all players can consciously resist violations, purify the game environment of DOTA2, and start from each of us!
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