Aug 11, 2019

I'm coming from dif product that still hasn't updated.

could i get a short trial? i don't know anything about your product or how it works.
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I'm sorry, but we don't offer free trials. We do, however, have a 1 day subscription for only $1.75.
hey i know i am asking a stupid question but i need an answer because i am getting a sub for myself and my wooer here so please bear with it,

Q1. does hake needs to restart your PC after instillation of it ?

Q2. is there a list of libraries etc, i need to install in-order to make hake fully functional in the first go?

Q3. also do you happen to post any coupons to help me save a buck or two?

Q4. do you have any mods or helper which i can contact anytime to help me set this up in case i don't know what libraries i am missing or any problems related to use of hake ?
because im reading some threads that paypal payment sometimes take time to verify that the end user had already purchased & paid..., setup just loads client.exe, thats it

Q2. previously you needed to install c++ runtimes, but the installer does it automatically since some time now

q4 this community is pretty active, you will find people to help you. also the cheat isnt complicated. dont get confused by old information that you might find in old threads, just open the cheatmenu and read what you see. im sure youll understand stuff quickly.
q5 your account gets upgraded instantly when paying with paypal. only when your payment runs into troubles, it takes some time to clear things up