Jan 8, 2019

I just bought the hack

I cheat on other games like CS:GO and I'm used to inject cheats using a USB Drive (put the .exe on USB, inject, then unplug it after it's injected) for additional security

Can I do the same with Also my USB-Drive is pretty old and might break so if your system uses the HWID of my USB-Drive or something (not sure how it works) I'd rather not install it on my USB just incase it breaks.

I'm confused. Your asking if you can put our client on your USB drive then in the very next sentence saying you don't want to put the client on your USB drive in case it breaks. We did not design the client to be used on a removed USB drive. So while everything will probably work, your settings and stuff won't be saved. The hardware ID should stay the same so long as you plug the USB drive into the same computer.
Thanks. Do you recommend installing it on my SSD where Windows & Dota 2 are installed or my secondary HDD where there isn't Windows or Dota 2? Or it doesn't matter? I'm new to cheating on DotA 2 so not sure what's best.
It doesn't matter, just put it somewhere convenient for you.