Vac Ban

Sep 6, 2017
Hello staff,

Can any 1 answer this?

If some one watches or identifies that im using hack.and if they report,what is going to happen?

Will i be banned as usual like abandoning a game or chances of Vac ban if many reports on cheating?
You can't be banned with reports. The worst you'll get is low priority for a few games.
Well Mr Frog....I first saw ur profile pic and then your reply.....its like you are saying.....Kid growup :)....realised how stupid i was.Ty.
VAC = useless watch CS GO how they dont give a fuck nd then imagine how they give absolute zero fucks about doto scripts why? cause they are way to little to care about nd they make so much money with their stupid market nd steam platform in general that they dont care about their own games anymore anyways en**** got hit a couple of times but even them are safe nd hake is way smaller at least from my perspective also profile reports are only used for statstics nd ingame reports only will result in low prio games aswell as a low behaviour score resulting in absolute trash games cause everyone around u is an fuckin toxic 12yO with gamesense like potato so better try to be nice carry ur team nd dont make it to obv.
I have used hake for 3 months no without issues nd as i know they never got hit by vac yet
i also used to play a lot CS GO with private hacks on Global Elite with a inventory most donated by fanboys what was around 600euro worth that time LOL
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