Was always great, now works better than ever

Aug 8, 2015
Some of you may remember/recognize me from my myg0t/goron city days, long story short I've been around for awhile. I've used a lot of different hacks over the years, and this one is up there in some of the best I've used. I'd even consider this better than ph0ne's private hacks from the old myg0t days, shits great. So far I've used most of the games hacks (minus the tf2 and contagion ones) and all of them are solid. Hop on it fam.
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just so people aren't confused, we actually have quite a few hacks setup on the distributor (csgo, tf2, insurgency, titanfall, etc.), but are currently only selling the Dota 2 one while we make sure everything scales with more users nicely =).