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Jul 5, 2019
I still have an Ensage Account (with Paid scripts for around 150EUR) but i use hake instead, and i can tell you why:

1. Hake has everythig for 8$ no Paid scripts, and there is no need for paid scripts and there are much more versions of one free script at hake.
At Ensage you are forced to use the one and only paid script and sometimes there is also no paid script. Hake has FAR more Scripts!

Ensage cost 10$per Month, but if you want a working evader ( that hake offers for free ) you need to pay 50$ one time for Paid Evader Script. Same for a good AIO :Hake free, Ensage 40 $ . Autousage Hake Free, Ensage 15$ and on and on and on.....

2. Hake has no LAG, also on a very good Computer Ensage Lag and drop FPS alot, i have a high end PC and still a micro freeze with Ensage or massive fps drop in a game like Dota 2.....

3. Hake has a active Community and friendly and helpfull Mods ( this is really bad at Ensage, their support take weeks to anwser and their main mod is a little kid ) im so happy with the hake Team. I would pay more then at Ensage and hake cost less lol

4. Now Hake has everything AND more, in the past i was always missing some things from Ensage when using hake. This is the past, TODAY hake has everything build in from show me more to item panals to everyhing , you have much more scripts then Ensage!

5. You can setup scripts in the menu before the game starts. At Ensage you need to wait for Game start, then first micro lag and freeze .
Ohh and about settings the hake scripts have so many many settings i love that, i can setup everything like I want. So many Settings for each Hero so many Scripts

And many more Points, im actually reallly happy im here now AND a little sad cause i was so stupid and spend so much Money on paid scripts at Ensage while i can get everything AND more LAG Free for just 8$ per Month xD

Finally hake is better then Ensage. And has so many nice scipts.
Im an Ensage User since 2014, they have some good (high cost) scripts but the Ensage support Team and their Mods are rude and unfriendly, the Hack is laggy and Updates take very long there.

So to all the users from Ensage who are unhappy with Ensage and check here from time to time like me:
hake is no longer the same it was around a year ago, hake its ALOT better now, you should try it out!!

handsdown if IDCNoob would stop develop Scripts for Ensage, Ensage would be dead within 2 Months, 1 active dev at ensage vs many at hake
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Dec 14, 2017
I've been a long time ensage user and have similar opinions like you. Only drawback of Hake I can think of is the last hit script. Rest all are flawless.