Hake Me Vs Items

Feb 2, 2017
Hello everyone ive seen a lot of people who trys to get hake me but cant buy it cause no funds or paypal or what ever is needed to proceed so I am offering my services in order to help u get some hake me time basically as title says hake me time for ur dota 2 items don't want cent items but will take things that are worth we can work out something that we both agree is fair and im doing this to help you guys out I got enough money in my paypal to get any one some time on here I will not be scamming anybody since there could be consequences on me for this I have msged frog and he said it was fine so here it goes lmk what you have mostly looking for arcanas since they are ez to trade/gamble with thanks!
$21.00 for 3 months = 1x arcana
$40.00 for 6 months = 2x arcana
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