Dota 2 My review after 1 week, (DO NOT BUY ENSAGE)

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May 14, 2019
i tried hake for a week. i was an ensage user for 2 months

Hake is so much better than ensage, Why?
-the scripts are so good and you dont have to pay for overpriced scripts that dont sometimes work (talking about ensage)
-staff is very responsive (shout out to frog, my man!)
-quite cheap,( if could go down for a little it would be so much affordable, especially if you live in SEA)
-You can freeze subscription if you arent gonna use it for sometime
-its very stable unlike ensage, ensage crashes ALOT.

This is the best cheat for dota.


Dota 2
Oct 5, 2018
How to freeze the subscription guys? I’m going often to long trips and it’s always sad that I don’t use the cheat for couple weeks, it’s waste of money for me then.
Jul 21, 2019
I got removed from their discord channel, for saying that their software crashes more than UC's one.