I think to purchase again this hack.

Whats its the newest update changelogs, fixes and improvenets..?

  • Tornado/Euls Combo Helper now pre-invokes the next spell for even faster combos
  • Tornado/Euls Combo Helper tweaked to wait for spells if they are possible soon, but not at the immediate moment
  • Sun Strike Stunned Enemies now ignores some stuns and checks to see if some stuns are long enough
  • Fixed Sun Strike Stunned Enemies using Sun Strike on Pudge after he casted Meat Hook
  • Shadowraze hack now uses some prediction and animation canceling (still tweaking it)
  • Changed the MapHack descriptions
  • Removed heroes from the MapHack (doesn't work anymore)
  • Removed Send Out Faster Combos First (combo hack tweaked)
  • Removed Ursa Roshan Bot (doesn't work anymore)
  • Added Lina Eul Combo Helper
Lina Eul Combo Helper will automatically use Light Strike Array at the right time on a cycloned target.

  • Added Ghost Walk Key (default key F5)
Changes from previous updates I forgot to write about:
  • Heavily improved the Shadowraze hack's animation canceling
  • Fixed option text so it won't clip outside of the menu frame

  • Auto Zeus Ultimate now ignores Abaddon if his ultimate is ready
  • Added Minimum Enemies to Kill (Zeus Ult)
  • Added Auto Stacker
Auto Stacker:
  • Use the Select Stack Units Key (default key T) to turn your selected units into camp stackers
  • Automatically starts stacking the nearest camp(s) to your mouse with the units you have selected
  • Will run back to the pull point and wait until the next minute starts if the camp is empty
  • Issue a move order to stop a specific unit from stacking
  • Changed the pull position for the top right Radiant hard camp to a much more efficient spot to the left
  • Changed the velocity calculation for the Pudge hack to be more reliable (the old one used differences in position between frames)
  • The Pudge hack will now combo the hero that actually gets hooked, rather than the one that was initially targeted
  • The Pudge hack will now explicitly ignore items that need to be used if Pudge is already channeling Dismember
    • fixed for the latest update
    • Pudge now has his own section under Hero Specific
    • The hack now extrapolates the hook position even more by Pudge's turn time to the predicted hook position
    • Added Dynamic Velocity Calculation (Hook) for Pudge
    Dynamic Velocity Calculation is defaulted to on. This is the old method that was used for the Pudge hook before the previous update. This method calculates enemy velocities by using the difference of their position between frames and multiplying it by the frame time.

    Known features that don't work yet:
    • MapHack (doesn't show Courier yet)
    Some other features may not work, I have not tested them all.

    P.S. This was THE MOST work I have ever put into fixing a hack for an update.
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Nothing new atm. Stephanie is working on meepo and the fixes to the current ones i think.
Probably will be a big update as its taking long.
Any updates so far? I thinking about a new subscription and it would be great to see the news.
@stephanie : Is it possible that you write down the updates in the public area instead of private?