start steam and failed inject the software

Oct 27, 2015
hi, i already read the instruction to create shortcut from win32 bit folder, and follow all the instruction but still my client.exe always failed inject the software when i started my steam. So how to fix my problem
Try starting Steam first, and then log into the client.exe. Or, log into the client before starting Steam.
when i start steam, client.exe inject the process of steamservice.exe but it said failed to inject the to fix this?
Do you mind if I help you directly? If you want me to, I can try and help you through remote access to your computer.

If you want me to help you remotely, download this: Then send me a private message with the ID and password that shows up.
restart the computer, make sure nothing that says "STEAM" is running in task manager and try again.

try client first wait until it says "waiting for Steam"
Hello, this is same with my case :) I will help you how to make it work.
Follow my instructions, this will probably make it work about 90%.
1. Install Steam in the same directory you have.
2. Right Click Steam -> Open File Location -> Right Click Steam -> Properties -> Compatibility Tab -> Change settings for all users -> Check Run this Program as Administrator -> Ok.
3. Open Steam, this should ask Yes / No ( If not, uac is disabled )
4. Open hake loader, login and follow loader instruction ( Searching for Steam )
5. Play.
This occurs when no SteamService is installed in PC.
This happens to me because I never installed Steam on my pc. I just copy files from my friends pc.