What feature do you find most useful ?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Feedy, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, I am a 5.5k player and I am wondering what feature do you find really useful ? I really dont need all the auto last hit / pudge hook / zeus steal features so I was wondering if there is anything that helps experienced players ? For example I like the auto camp stacking thing, is it still working ?
  2. luiz

    Dota 2

    for me, visible by enemy and auto camp stacking.
  3. visible enemy only
  4. vbe, aegis/rune snacher (when enemies on rosh and u play storm spirit, ez steal aegis)
    sry for bad eng.
  5. Thanks guys, I didn't know visible on enemy still works. Also can anyone explain how exactly the aegis/rune snatcher works ?
  6. Autoclick on rune/aegis if they are, faster then humans reaction :)
    Great works on storm spirit and other invis heroes, when enemies on rosh.
  7. Vane

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    5.5k mmr and don't know how to stack camps? lol

    Anyway on topic: by far the best option is knowing when I'm visible to the enemy. Also knowing sunstrikes, torrents, mirana's arrows is a big advantage. Everything else, like orb walking and auto last hitting, is for 500 mmr players.
    Oh yeah auto hex can be epic, too, but I still prefer not to use it.
  8. -visible by enemy
    -rune snatcher (specially when im playing hero with invis at the start of the game i will position on enemy rune they will be surprised how fast i got the rune without clicking lol)
    -i like the auto dagon when the hero is killable by dagon burst, they are calling me now KS lord.. lmao.
  9. Did I ever say I don't know how to stack ? Have you tried stacking 4 camps with NP's treants in the same time ? That's what I find useful, sunstrike sounds good and how do you know mirana's arrow ?
    do you see it even in fog or ?
  10. Vane

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    It's a feature in the program. You can see enemy torrent, sunstrike normally, while the arrow being used is displayed on the minimap with Mirana's icon in the fog, plus there is a red dashed vector that shows where the arrow is going. It also shows a few things in fog, like teleports, making Pudge a nightmare pick vs Tinker or camping tp's with him at towers. The funny part is, nobody ever except 1 guy in 9 months, has ever suspected me of cheating.