Dota 2 Reborn (Source 2) Hack, Now With x64 Support!

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  1. the hack is automatically renewed
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    No, it isn't.
  3. It'is still working or not ?
    • Enemy Camera ESP (will show you where the enemy's cameras are, even in the fog. Never get ganked again!) Patched
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    It's been patched, so it's still not working.
  5. Dont you read PATCHED at the end?
  6. thanks for u help but now says when im goin to start say the program cant star becouse MSVCP140.DLL is missing from u computer try reistaling the program,,,,, can u guys helpme with that ? thanks alot
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    That means you are entering your username or password incorrectly.
  9. [QUOTE = "лягушка, почта: 21608, член: 19"]. Это означает, что вы вводите имя пользователя или пароль неправильно [/ QUOTE]
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    I wasn't able to open the client.exe. It says unsupported app or something like that. required flies installed.
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  13. So i just need to purchase the upgrade and then i'll be able to download it? Thanks


    edit: does auto last hit work ?
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  14. still work as for today?
  15. У меня ошибка на первой строчке написано no software is available, а на второй написано failed to inject the software. Что делать?
  16. I have an error on the first line says no software is available, and the second written failed to inject the software. What to do?
  17. version for test before buy ?
  18. How to cheat? I upgrade the account