Dota 2 Reborn (Source 2) Hack, Now With x64 Support!

  • Within the coming days we will be overhauling our website along with releasing updates to our software. Please excuse any downtime that occurs as we release these updates. If users are unable to access their subscription for an extended period of time we will extend them accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.
Jun 12, 2016
August 18, 2016: We now have a new beta client, with full x64 and x86 support!

Current features:
  • Ability Cooldown ESP
  • Illusion ESP (makes the real hero glow yellow and float in the air)
  • Mana Bars / Mana ESP (displays mana bars on enemy heroes)
  • Last Hit (default key X)
  • Crit Hack (default key Z)
  • Shadowraze Aimbot (default key V)
  • Auto Remote Mines Detonator (uses minimum amount to kill a hero. Uses Force Staff too)
  • Storm Spirit Helper (tries to keep Overload up efficiently)
  • Auto Zeus Ultimate (kill stealer)
  • Auto Reaper's Scythe
  • Aggro/Deaggro Creeps
  • Spirits Aimbot for Io/Wisp
  • Efficient Duel for Legion Commander (casts her W, blinks in, uses items like BKB, Blade Mail, then Duels)
  • Camera Hack (zoom out beyond the maximum distance)
  • Auto Culling Blade (kill stealer, blinks in if it can too)
  • Visible to Enemy ESP (displays an effect on your hero if you can be seen by the enemy, even if you don't have vision of what's seeing you)
  • Enemy Camera ESP (will show you where the enemy's cameras are, even in the fog. Never get ganked again!) Patched
  • Auto Rubick Ultimate Spell Steal (steals spell from nearby enemy if their last spell was an ultimate)
  • Treads Switcher (tries to switch your treads based on the situation, int when casting a spell, agility when using a bottle, etc...)
  • Orb Walker (will continually cast the orb effect you use (like Frost Arrows) while moving towards the hero during the attack's backswing. Works with heroes that don't have orbs)
  • Auto Accept Matches (automatically accepts games)
  • Rune Snatcher (grabs a nearby rune as soon as possible)
  • Custom Range Effect (lets you display a custom range circle of your choosing around your hero)
  • Automatic configuration saving/loading
  • Auto Mana Void
  • Auto Dagon (killstealer, will also combo with Auto Reaper's Scythe)
  • Auto Queue
  • MP Recovery Abuse (automatically drops mana items when using Arcane Boots, Magic Stick, etc...)
  • Auto Disabler (automatically uses spells/items that can disable enemies when they initiate)
  • Auto Phase Boots (automatically uses Phase Boots off cooldown, only when moving)
  • Orchid During Attack
  • Medallion / Crest During Attack
  • Show Hidden Spells (shows effects on enemy spells that otherwise wouldn't have them, like Invoker's Sun Strike)
  • Auto Pudge Hook (uses prediction to hook an enemy, and combos with various items and abilities)
  • Auto Meld (automatically uses Meld before attacking on Templar Assassin)

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thanks for u help but now says when im goin to start say the program cant star becouse MSVCP140.DLL is missing from u computer try reistaling the program,,,,, can u guys helpme with that ? thanks alot
Jul 20, 2016
[QUOTE = "лягушка, почта: 21608, член: 19"]. Это означает, что вы вводите имя пользователя или пароль неправильно [/ QUOTE]
Comes to the site and a customer is not
Sep 1, 2016
So i just need to purchase the upgrade and then i'll be able to download it? Thanks


edit: does auto last hit work ?
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Sep 2, 2016
У меня ошибка на первой строчке написано no software is available, а на второй написано failed to inject the software. Что делать?